Good to Know

Good to Know

With summer coming up and everyone out in their gardens, please take care with fertilisers, peat and other garden treatments.

Toxic Plants

Skull and crossbones

Aconite (roots, foliage, seeds); African violet (leaves); Aloe vera

Amaryllis 2x2

Amaryllis (bulbs) = Can be fatal; Angels' trumpets; Angel wings = Can be fatal; Apple (seeds) = Seeds contain cyanide; Apple leaf croton; Apricot (kernels) - Kernels contain cyanide = Can be fatal; Arborvitae; Arrow grasses (leaves); Asparagus fern; Autumn crocus

Avacado 2x2

Avocado (fruit & pith) = Can be fatal; Azalea (all parts) = Can be fatal if eaten in large quantities;  Baby's breath; Barilla (leaves and stems); Begonia; Bird of paradise (seeds); Bittersweet;    Bleeding heart (foliage, roots); Bluebell; Box (leaves); Boxwood (leaves, twigs); Bracken    Broom; Buckeyes (nuts & immature growths); Burning bush; Buttercup; Caladium; Calico bush; Calla lily (leaves); Caper Spurge; Cardinal flower; Castor bean (leaves and seeds) Castor bean seeds = Can be fatal: Ceriman; Chenille Plant; Cherry (Kernels) = Kernels contain cyanide; Cherry laurel; China Berry; Chinese evergreen; Christmas rose (leaves, roots)

chrysanthemum 2x2

Chrysanthemum (leaves,& stems); Cineraria; Clematis;    Cocoa husk or mulch = Can be fatal if eaten in quantity; Corn cockle (seeds); Corn plant; Crocus; Croton; Crown vetch; Cuckoo pint; Crowfoot; Cycads; Cyclamen; Daffodil (bulbs) = Can be fatal

dahlia 2x2

Dahlia; Daphne; Datura;  Deadly nightshade; Delphinium (seeds, young plants); Devil's fig; Dieffenbachia = Can be fatal; Dragon tree; Dumb cane = Can be fatal; Dwarf morning glory; Easter lily; Elder (leaves, root, bark); Elderberry; Elephant ears = Can be fatal; English ivy (berries, leaves; 

Eucalyptus 2x2

Eucalyptus; European spindle; False hellebore (roots, seeds, leaves); Flannel flower; Flax; Foxglove (leaves, seeds); Fritillary; Fruit salad plant; Garlic; Gaultheria; Geranium; German ivy (berries, leaves); German primula; Glory lily; Golden chain (seed capsules); Granny's bonnets (Aquilegia)  

Grapes 2x2

Grapes inc. Raisins & Sultanas; Heavenly bamboo; Hellebores; Heliotrope; Hemlock; Henbane; Hibiscus; Holly (berries);  

Horse chestnut; (nuts, leaves); Hurricane plant (bulb) 

Hyacinth 2x2

Hyacinth (bulbs); Hydrangea; Iris (roots); Ivy (entire plant); Jack in the pulpit; Japanese spindle; Japanese yew; Jassamine (berries & sap) = Can be fatal; Jerusalem Cherry (immature growths); Jimson weed (Thorn Apple) = Can be fatal; Jonquil; Juniper; Kalanchoe; Kale; Kingcup; Laburnum (leaves, seeds); Latana; Larkspur (young plants & seeds); Delphinium species = Can be fatal; Laurel; Lemon rose; Leopard lily; Leyland cypress; Lily; Lily of the valley (leaves, flowers, roots)Lily of the valley bush; Lobelia; Locust; Lupin (leaves, seeds); Mallow; Maple Tree; Marijuana; Marsh marigold; May apple (apple, roots, foliage); Meadow rue; Mezereon; Milkweed; Mistletoe (berries) = a few can be fatal; Monkswood; Morning Glory(seeds, roots); Moroccan broom; Mother-in-laws tongue (leaves) = Can be fatal; Mountain laurel;Naked ladies; Narcissus = Can be fatal; Needlepoint ivy (berries & leaves);Nerine; Nightshades; Oak tree (foliage & acorns); Oleander = Can be fatal; Onion; Paspalum (seeds); Pasque flower; Peace lily; Peach (stones & leaves) = Contain cyanide; Pencil cactus; Peony (roots); Peruvian lily; Philodendron; Pineapple broom; Poinsettia (leaves, stem & sap); Poison hemlock 

poisen ivy 2x2

Poison ivy (leaves, bark & fruit); Poison oak (leaves, bark & fruit); Poison sumac; Pokeroot; Pokeweed; Poppy (unripe seedpod); Potato (green skin & sprouts); Prickly poppy; Primrose (leaves); Privet (leaves); Ragwort = Minute doses fatal; Raisins = Can be fatal; Rape; Red-ink plant; Rhododendron = Can be fatal; 

rhubarb 2x2

Rhubarb (leaves) = Can be fatal; Rosebay; Rose periwinkle; Rue; Sago palm = Can be fatal; Savin; Schefflera; Silkweed; Snowdrops; Solomon's seal; Spider plant; Spruce tree; Spurge; Squill; Star-of-Bethleham (bulbs); Starflower; St Johns Wort; String of pearls/beads; Sweet pea (stem); swiss cheese plant; Taro vine; Tiger lily; Tobacco plant (leaves) Tobira

tomato plant 2x2

Tomato plant (green fruit, stem & leaves); Tulip; Umberella plant; Varnish tree; Walnut (green hull juice); Water hemlock = Can be fatal; Wax tree; Weeping fig;

wild cherry 2x2

Wild cherry tree (twigs & foliage) = Can be fatal; Windflower; Wisteria (pods, seeds); Wolfsbane; Woody nightshade; Yarrow; Yew (berries & foliage) = Can be fatal

This list is only intended as a guide. We take no liability for the contents. Contact your vet immediately for advice and treatment if you think your pet has consumed any of these.

Harmful Household Substances

Chocolate 2x2

VPIS (Veterinary Poisons Information Service)

  • Anticoagulant rodenticides (difenacoum, bromadiolone, brodadiolone, coumatetralyl)
  • Ibruprofen
  • Metaldehyde (Slug bait)
  • Human oral contraceptives (very low toxicity)
  • Chocolate / theobromine
  • Diclofenac
  • Salbutamol (Ventalin inhalers)
  • Alphachloralose rodenticides
  • Paraquat
  • Wallpaper paste (very low toxicity)
  • Borax / Boric acid ant killer gels
  • Bonemeal
  • Glyphosate based herbicides
  • Glyphosate based herbicides
  • Asprin
  • Cannabis
  • Batteries
  • Bendiocarb (powder ant killers)
  • White spirit / barbecue lighter fluid
  • Antifreeze
  • Loperamide (anti - diarrhoea drugs)
  • Bleach
  • Pyrethrin - based insecticides
  • Creosote
  • Temazepam

Doggie Language 

Starring Boogie the Boston Terrier 







Peace! Look away - head turn




Need space - whale eye

"Need space" - Whale eye

Peace - sniff ground

"Peace!" - Sniff ground



Respect - turn and walk away

"Respect" - Turn & walk away

Stessed scratching

Stressed - Scratching

Stressed nose lick

Stressed - Nose lick

Stressed yawn

Stressed - Yawn

Curious - head tilt

Curious - Head tilt

Friendly and polite - curved body

Friendly & polite - Curved body

Happy (or not)

Happy (or hot)



I love you - dont stop

"I love you don't stop"

Hello I love you - geeting stretch

"Hello I love you!" -  Greeting stretch

Im your love bug - belly rub pose

"I'm your lovebug" - Belly rub pose

Im friendly - play bow

"I'm friendly" - Play bow




Overjoyed - Wiggly

Pretty please- round puppy face

"Pretty Please" - Round puppy face

ready - prey bow

"Ready!" - Prey bow

Relaxed - soft ears blinky eyes

Relaxed - Soft ears blinky eyes

Respect - offer his back

"Respect!" - Offer his back

Stress Release - Shake off

Stress release - shake off

Will you feed me

"You will feed me"

Peace look away head turn

"Peace!"-  Look away / head turn



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