Rehomed Dogs

Rehomed Dogs

This page has all the dogs we have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed this year. Our aim is to get as many dogs into their forever homes as possible, we will never put a healthy dog down.


Bertie1 (2)3x3
  • Date: 24/03/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • GardenBig
  • Toys: Yes, lots
  • Dog Sibling: No
  •   Walkies: Everyday
  • Sleep: Snuggly Bed
  •  Treats: lots, all the time

Bertie is now happily in his forever home. Loving life and snuggling up on the sofa!


Sirius4 (2)3x3
  • Date: 03/07/23
  • Homed: I am
  • Garden: Lovely
  • Toys: All my favorites
  • Dog Sibling: Yes, two brothers
  •   Walkies: Yes
  • Sleep: My very own cuddly bed
  •  Treats: The best

Sirius has now found his forever home, he has two new big brothers to teach him how to be a big boy.


Buster 3x3
  • Date: 20/01/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Perfect for me
  • Toys: Loads
  • Dog Sibling: No
  •   Walkies: Lovely strolls
  • Sleep: I've two beds!
  •  Treats: My favourites

Buster is now living with his new mum in his lovely forever home.


Maggie 3x3
  • Date: 31/12/22
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Lovely
  • Toys: All my favourites
  • Dog Sibling: 2 furry bunny friends
  •   Walkies: Big walks
  • Sleep: I love to snuggle
  •  Treats: Lots and lots

Maggie has found her forever homes, another rehoming success.


Winnie 3x3
  • Date: 13/04/23
  • Homed: Perfectly
  • Garden: Green
  • Toys: Loads
  • Dog Sibling: No
  •   Walkies: Everyday
  • Sleep: In my favourite place!
  •  Treats: The best

Winnie found her forever home in April and has two sibling sisters.


Nicky 3x3
  • Date: 05/04/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Mine
  • Toys: Lots
  • Dog Sibling: Yes, one brother
  •   Walkies: Lovely
  • Sleep: In the best spots
  •  Treats: My favs

Nicky now has a brother and has found her forever home, she loves the best spot on the sofa!


Ruby 3x3
  • Date: 17/03/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Lovely
  • Toys: The best
  • Dog Sibling: ??
  •   Walkies: Lots
  • Sleep: I love to cuddle
  •  Treats: Loads


Chester1 (2)3x3
  • Date: 18/05/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Beautiful
  • Toys: My favourites
  • Dog Sibling: 1 Brother
  •   Walkies: All the time
  • Sleep: In my bed, or curled up on the sofa!
  •  Treats: The best

Chester has now been adopted by his foster family


Lassie 1 3x3
  • Date: 30/08/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Lovely
  • Toys: Tennis Balls
  • Dog Sibling: No
  •   Walkies: Slowly
  • Sleep: Nice and comfy!
  •  Treats: My Favs

Lassie has now been adopted and is very happy.


Pippa profile 3x3
  • Date: 02/09/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Mine
  • Toys: Tennis Balls
  • Dog Sibling: 
  •   Walkies: Gentle
  • Sleep: Comfy
  •  Treats: Yes

Pippa has now found her forever home and is settling in nicely.


Koko4 (2)3x3
  • Date: 29/08/23
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Large one
  • Toys: Lots
  • Dog Sibling: No
  •   Walkies: Lovely long ones
  • Sleep: Anywhere I want!
  •  Treats: The best

Koko has now been rehomed with her lovely new family, and has fitted right in.


Esme 2 3x3
  • Date: 12/02/2024
  • Homed: Yes
  • Garden: Rural
  • Toys: Plenty
  • Dog Sibling: Yes, Rufus my older brother
  •   Walkies: Lots in the woods
  • Sleep: On the sofa watching television
  •  Treats: Lots of my favourites

Esme is very happy in her new home and is now a lot more relaxed.