Special Needs Dogs

Special Needs Dogs

Some dogs come into our care and have specific homing requirements due to medical or behavioural issues.

These are dogs that have come into our care and are working on a behavioural programme or undergoing a medical treatment prior to being offered for adoption.

Below are the dogs that are looking for 'Special' forever homes.


Chester 8 3x3
  • Breed: Doberman cross Bulldog
  •  Date of Birth: 15/05/2017
  •    Sex: Male
  • Colour: Tan
  • Dog Friendly: Boisterous, can get over excited
  •  Cat Friendly: No
  •   Children: No
  • Weight: 51.2 kg

Hey my name is Chester, I'm a very friendly lad but I get scared easily. I'm currently working with our behaviourist, on building my confidence and trust in people. I like to have a routine and sometimes panic when things are scary and unknown, I get scared easily as I didn't experience much when I was younger and had some negative encounters. I get very anxious with new things that takes me out of my comfort zone, the lovely people at ECR think I may have OCD.

I am a very athletic boy and love to do zoomies round the garden and play with my toys. I love my licky mat and all the treats I get here at ECR. I need a gentle and patient adult home who will introduce new things gradually at my pace. If you think you could give me my forever home please complete a rehoming questionnaire.

Rehoming Questionnaire
Chester new 2 2x2
Chester 3
Chester 7 2x2
Chesterbd3 (2)3x3


Biscoff2 (2)3x3
  • Breed: Terrier
  •  Date of Birth: 01/06/2019
  •    Sex: Male
  • Colour: Black with Tan and White
  • Dog Friendly: Under assessment
  •  Cat Friendly: No
  •   Children: 18 Years +
  • Weight: 17.00 kg

Hi there, my names Biscoff and I'm a real cheeky chap! I can get a little scared of quick hand movements but soon come out of my shell. I'm very nosey and get involved in eveything going on around me. If you love Terriers then your sure to love me! I also had a very bad start in life and need gentle intorductions to new people, especially men.

I'm looking for an active adult experienced terrier home where theres always lots going on, I need to stay on a long line because I love to go off investigating, once my super nose picks up a scent I'm off! I'll also need to be muzzled when out on walks as I can be unpredictable with strange men. A rural home would be best and a lovely secure garden with at least a 6ft fence with gravel boards.

Rehoming Questionnaire
Biscoff looking handsome
Biscoff 7 2x2
Biscoff licking treats
Biscoff playing


Jakey9 (2)3x3
  • Breed: Parsons Terrier
  •  Age: 12 Years
  •    Sex: Male
  • Colour: Tri - Coloured
  • Dog Friendly: No
  •  Cat Friendly: No
  •   Children: 18 Years +
  • Weight: 12.8 kg

Hey I'm Jakey, my most favourite hobbies include playing with my toys, squirrel and bird watching and doing tricks for the best tasting liver treats around!

I used to live near a main road and amused myself chasing traffic and getting over stimulated then chasing my tail when I'm frustrated. I'm very bright if I do say so myself, quick at learning new tricks and at my happiest when I'm with you but enjoy down time on my own.

I am very OCD and need to have a strict routine and ECR think I may be on the Autism scale, for this reason I am looking for a 'special' forever home. I need an adult only home with terrier experience, in a rural situation with no other dogs where I have access to fields for walking without having to journey in a car or walk along a road with traffic.

I am a happy boy and so deserve a second chance, so if you would like to help me and work under guidance from our behaviourist, please get in touch and complete a rehoming questionnaire. I will repay you a hundred times over with lots of love and kisses.

Rehoming Questionnaire
Jakey 2
Jakey 4
Jakey 3
Jakey 5


Buddy4 (2)3x3
  • Breed: Patterdale Cross
  •  Date of Birth: 01/07/2014
  •    Sex: Male
  • Colour: Black with White
  • Dog Friendly: Can ne over enthusiastic
  •  Cat Friendly: No
  •   Children: 18 Years +
  • Weight: 19.15 kg

Hello, my name is Buddy. I had a really poor start in life and I'm extremely nervous around new people and in new situations, once I know you I'm very affectionate and lovable. I'm a busy boy and need a fairly active home where there is lots going on.

I've been at HQ for eighteen months now and my confidence is coming on in leaps and bounds, although I'm still very wary of strange men. I enjoy the company of other dogs and could live with another well matched companion. My favourite hobby is sitting with you for cuddles and I'm more than happy to snuggle up on the sofa. All true terrier lovers will be smitten with me, my antics will make you smile! I currently have a strict routine and this has helped with my separation anxiety and I'm happy to chill in bed with a chew and I enjoy a good snooze in the morning and afternoon.

I love a good country walk and I'm used to a long line and will not be one that can be let off initially as I will pick up a scent and go, any off lead will need to be in a secure field. I would be more suited to a fairly active adult female home in a rural location as I would not benefit from suburban park walking and am better off in low density field and woodland areas. I'm still a work in progress and any transition to a new home will need to be done gradually, please give me a chance and complete a rehoming form.

Rehoming Questionnaire
Buddy looking cute
Buddy Sleeping
Buddy napping
Buddy Playing