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Sponsoring A Rescue Dog with ECR

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If you cant foster or adopt a dog from ECR, sponsoring a dog is a fantastic way of providing ongoing help and support to the rescue.

As a small rescue we sometimes get asked to take dogs that need some form of rehabilitation, be it behavioural or medical. With support and guidance of our behaviourist and hands on vet team we try to offer these dogs a second chance. In most cases they have suffered some form of abuse or neglect and find it difficult to adjust to a normal home environment, needing more time to regain their trust in humans and become socially adept. Sadly we are seeing an increase in old, terminally ill, anxious or sick dogs looking for a place and are finding we need to offer longterm fostering and lifetime support for these dogs. 

Your ongoing commitment really does make a difference as it provides us with a regular income, which allows us to help even more dogs.

If you would like more information please email us at:


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To sponsor one of our dogs that require ongoing care please visit Just Giving via the button and follow the instructions below

1. Select the 'Just Giving' Button below

2. Select the 'Donate' Button and select 'monthly' select an amount and then click 'continue'

3. Enter your payment details and click 'continue'

4. Add gift aid or click 'continue'

5. Change the voluntary contribution to zero and add a message if you want to, enter your name and email address and click 'confirm donation' button

ECR Just Giving

Meet our dogs that would love to have a sponsor

Meet Ruby

Hi, my name is Ruby. I've been here at ECR for 7 years now and would love to have a sponsor to buy some of the oinking pig toys I love so much!

Sponsor me

Meet Indie

Hello I'm Indie, sadly I'm not eligible for adoption because I've got some heart issues. ECR is my home now and I love it here. Would you like to sponsor me, then I could buy some new toys. Toys make me do happy wags.

Sponsor me

Meet Jakey

Hey I'm Jakey and I have ADHD. I'm looking for my forever home, I've been waiting a long time. If you'd like to sponsor me, that would be paw-some as I'm a shopaholic when it comes to treats and toys.

Sponsor me

Meet Diesel

Hello I'm Diesel, I'm still waiting for my forever home but it's okay as it's great here at ECR. Do you know you can sponsor me to help with my keep and of course all the tasty treats I eat.

Sponsor me

Meet Chester

Hey my name is Chester, I get a bit scared and that's why I've been at ECR for two years now. If you'd like sponsor me I'd be super happy as I do love to play with new toys.

Sponsor me

Meet Biscoff

Hi there, I'm Biscoff. I'm currently undergoing a behavioural assessment then I'll be looking for a forever home. In the meantime you could have your people speak to my people to sponsor me to help with my upkeep including my toys.

Sponsor me

Meet Angel

Hi my name is Angel and I'm in longterm foster. ECR have taken excellent care of me and I'd like to let you know that you can sponsor me to help out with my ongoing cost.

Sponsor me

Meet Sophie

Hi I'm Sophie and I'm currently in a lovely foster home with ECR covering all my medical bills, so that doesn't leave much for treats and toys. I don't know how ECR manage but they never let us down, would you like to sponsor me to help with my costs.

Sponsor me

Meet Buddy

Hi I'm Buddy and I'm currently at HQ, I'm waiting for my forever home. I'm a good boy and do enjoy my treats and toys would you consider sponsoring me to keep my treats flowing?

Sponsor me

Meet Chester

Hello my name is Chester, I've not long arrived at ECR. I'm in a lovely foster home at the moment with the rescue covering my all my bills. Did you know you could sponser me to help with my ongoing cost?

Sponsor me